Joint Project Needs Your Green Help

The South Carolina Department of Commerce is collecting information on jobs in the state that are considered green. Green jobs are those involved in:

  • Renewable or clean energy
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Conserving natural or agricultural resources
  • Providing pollution prevention, recycling or environmental cleanup services
  • Producing products or services for clean transportation or fuels
  • Providing education, consulting and compliance services

Businesses are being asked for:

  • Total jobs
  • Number and types of green jobs
  • Skills required for green jobs
  • Future needs for green job workers
  • Future changes in skill needs for green job workers
  • Training needs
  • Future changes in production and processes

If you are a business and receive this survey, please respond and provide as much information as possible.  All results from this project will be available in a special website to be established later this year.

Green Jobs Survey LogoThis project is a joint effort of the Department of Commerce, with support from the Department of Employment and Workforce, the South Carolina Energy Office, the Technical College System, Clemson University, and the University of South Carolina.

If you have questions about this survey, contact Joe Ward at the Department of Commerce ( or 803-737-3834).