Need Help With Your House Payment? Program Offers Assistance with Mortgage Payments

If you have received unemployment benefits in the last 12 months, you may qualify for assistance with mortgage payments through the SC Homeownership and Employment Lending Program (SCHELP).

The SC Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) is partnering with the SCHELP to offer information about this program.

Eligibility must be determined on a case-by-case basis, but for homeowners who qualify, assistance may include:

  • Monthly Payment Assistance—The program will help with monthly payments for a defined period of time while homeowners seek employment and a return to self sustainability.
  • Direct Loan Assistance—This service is for borrowers who have experienced a hardship but have regained the ability to pay. Funds can be used to pay arrearages to bring the loan current.
  • Property Disposition Assistance—Funds may be provided to help transition families from home ownership to rental housing in cases where a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure occurs.

Applying for the program online at is the fastest way to begin the process. If you do not have Internet access, call 1.855.435.7472.

There is no fee or cost for the service. Application for or receipt of assistance will not impact your unemployment benefit eligibility or weekly payments.

11 thoughts on “Need Help With Your House Payment? Program Offers Assistance with Mortgage Payments

  1. If this is a loan i am not interested. If it is real help to get me and my family up to date on house payments i am interested.I am about 3 payments behind.I am working now,but have not been able to catch up.

    • The South Carolina Homeownership and Employment Lending Program (SC HELP) includes five program options designed help eligible homeowners who are at risk of mortgage loan default or foreclosure. For more information and to find out which program may be best for you, call 1.855.435.7472 or visit

  2. I have been approved for mortgage loan assistance. 24 payments will be made directly to my lender with no money from me and no repayment of any kind unless I sell the house and make a profit. That profit would have to go to back to SC State Housing Authority only if I sell within 5 years. Closing is done by their appointed attorney. Ptocess takes about 45 days, and you do not have to behind. If you are, they will also bring you current. They make arrangements directly with your lender.

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