Be aware: Work search requirements have changed

The S.C. Legislature recently changed the work search requirements for anyone receiving unemployment insurance benefits.

If you are receiving benefits, you must now, as of the week beginning May 28, 2017, complete two work searches per week through SC Works Online Services (SCWOS) at If you fail to comply you could be ineligible for benefits and may not be paid.

Searching on other job sites will not count toward fulfilling you work search requirement.

Job searches cannot be verified and tracked unless you have conducted the searches through your registered username and password. Unless the two job searches are linked to your registered account, you may not receive benefits for that week.

Job searches on SCWOS can be customized and it’s easy and convenient to use. Go to and register today. If you have registered in the past, but do not remember your information, please do not create a new account.

You may be eligible to receive a waiver from the requirement to perform at least two weekly job searches through SCWOS for good cause. Please contact us at 1-866-831-1724 if there are verifiable circumstances that would prevent you from being able to perform job searches on SCWOS.

Don’t jeopardize your benefits, go to today!