1. Where can I login to my SUITS account?

2. When are first quarter taxes due?

The first-quarter unemployment insurance tax deadline is April 30. Payments and wage reports must be received online or postmarked by midnight on the filing deadline. 2018 deadlines are:

  • First Quarter – April 30
  • Second Quarter – July 31
  • Third Quarter – October 31
  • Fourth Quarter – January 31

Missing these deadlines could result in penalties and interest being assessed on your account.

Filing is easy and can be completed through SUITS. Taxes are calculated automatically when you file your wage report electronically. Detailed instructions on available electronic payments can be found within the SUITS system. If you need assistance navigating SUITS, you can:

  • Watch our video tutorials to help you use various features of SUITS, here.
  • Email

Click here to get started in SUITS.

3. How will employers access the new system?

Current passwords and PIN numbers will not be compatible in the ESSP, as SCBOS and SCATS will no longer be available.

Existing employers will be able to create SUITS username and password credentials which will link to their existing DEW account number. After initially signing into their account, authorized users will be able to update their profile information, establish a relationship with an agent and file their wage reports. 

New employers will click Employers on the SUITS homepage and then click Employers under the Register for an Account prompt at the bottom of the next screen. From here they will be guided through the registration and verification process to create an account in SUITS. If the business is determined liable for payment of unemployment insurance (UI) contributions (taxes) they will be assigned an account number.

4. How will Third Party Agents (TPAs) set up access to the system and to their employer’s accounts?

Existing TPAs will be able to create SUITS username and password credentials which will link to their existing information converted from SCATS.

New TPAs will click Agents on the SUITS homepage and then click Agents under the Register for an Account prompt at the bottom of the next screen. From here they will be guided through the registration and verification process to create an account in SUITS. The system will assign an agent account number.

5. How does an employer and a TPA create a relationship with each other in the system?

Once agents and employers have an account in SUITS they can establish a relationship through their ESSP. During this process, the Written Authorization Form 1010 must be submitted. You can find the form at and upload in SUITS.

Following the authentication process, the TPA will be authorized to perform services according to the assignment. Once a TPA initiates a relationship in the system, there will be a limited time period during which the TPA will be allowed to submit wages before the relationship is confirmed or fully approved; however, the wages may be removed later if the relationship is not confirmed.

It is imperative for current employers and agents to provide DEW with up to date Written Authorization Forms.


6. What Information is needed to complete the registration process?

When you begin the registration process either on the employer or agent side, the system will tell you what information is required to complete the process.

Most of the initial information includes contact information, but employers will also need the information listed below and agents will need this information if they are performing registration on behalf of an employer.

  • Contact Information. Who is the person DEW should contact with questions about the account.
  • The date wages were/will be first paid for services performed in state.
  • Type of employment.
  • The Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  • The business entity type (for example: corporation, partnership).
  • The legal and trade or Doing Business as (DBA) name for the business.
  • The state in which the business was formed.
  • The date of formation or incorporation of the business.
  • Business owner or officer information, including SSN and owner home address.
  • 501©3 and/or corporate charter if applicable. (must be in PDF or Microsoft Word .docx format to upload).


7. What will users be able to do in the new system?

Users will be able to maintain useful information regarding their accounts, view their account balance, file wages and pay taxes due, review tax rates, view correspondence and search wage and payment history online. SUITS will serve as a convenient tool for employers and agents by providing 24-hour, 7-day a week system access. 

8. Will employers that have not received an account number be able to file wages via ESSP?

Employers who are required to file wage reports and do not have an account number must first register their business through the ESSP (see question 2) to complete their required wage filing. In most cases, employers will be able to register, receive an account number via the ESSP, file wages, and make payments in the same session. Employers with special circumstances such as a non-profit with a 501C3 will need to wait for staff to review the information before the account is established and available for wage filing. 

The ESSP also will provide an option to register a new employer by a TPA. Once the account is established, the written authorization for the employer and agent relationship will require additional review by DEW staff. 


9. What are the changes to wage filings?

All employers and agents will have the ability to report wages in three ways:

  1. Manually by entering data into the system.
  2. Retrieving and modifying information from previously filed reports.
  3. Uploading data utilizing one of the four specified file formats (ICESA, EWF2, XML, or CSV).

The system will generate real-time calculations of taxable wages and UI taxes due. Users will then have payment options through the system.

SUITS accepts two types of electronic submissions:

  1. Single file submissions.
  2. Bulk or multiple file submissions.

For security purposes, electronic submissions delivered to the agency on CD or magnetic media can no longer be accepted. Employers with 100 or more employees will be required to submit their quarterly wage information through the ESSP.


10. What are the changes to the file/format specifications?

Users who choose to upload wage files will use one of four different file formats (ICESA, EWF2, XML, CSV) using the wage file upload feature. The system will validate and process the incoming file, calculate taxes and other amounts due and generate a confirmation number. Upon receipt of the confirmation number, the users will be able to submit their online payments. Agents will be able to submit payments for multiple clients through the manual payment allocation feature or by uploading a payment allocation file.

Details on the structure of all file types have been posted with minimal changes for current ICESA filers; however, these changes are imperative because the former ICESA or wage-only file formats are not compatible with SUITS.

Please visit to view the new wage filing specifications.


11. How will employers pay their taxes?

Users will have capability to pay their taxes by ACH debit/credit, check or credit card payment. Payment must be made by the quarter due date to avoid further penalties and interest.


12. How will agents pay taxes based on bulk wage submission?

Authorized agents will file wage reports on behalf of their clients and pay their taxes either individually or in bulk. The ESSP will offer TPAs the ability to allocate payment amounts for the bulk wage submission either manually or by using a modifiable payment allocation file generated by the ESSP from submitted wage data.

The individual payment amount will be applied against the amounts due of the employers according to the same rules as the payments submitted by the employers. Visit for the current payment allocation file specifications which are part of the wage file specification document.


13. What new changes will be implemented with the rollout of SUITS?

There are several changes that will be implemented in conjunction with or shortly after the implementation of the ESSP:

  • Discontinuation of the quarterly contribution filing (UCE-101)
    The ESSP will be the primary mechanism for the filing and payment of quarterly UI taxes and assessments. Employers will be required to submit employee and wage information, and the system will calculate total, taxable and excess wages, as well as the amounts due. The system will remind employers prior to the quarterly filing dates and tutorials are available at to assist employers with the filing process.
  • Mandatory filing through the Employer Self Service Portal  
    All employers who employ at least 100 employees will be required to use the ESSP to file quarterly reports and pay UI quarterly taxes and assessments. While the online filing requirement does not apply to all employers, we encourage everyone to use the ESSP. It is essential for employers to file reports and pay taxes on or before the report due date. Through SUITS, DEW will adhere to the statutory penalty and interest assessment dates. Therefore, we encourage employers to use the ESSP to guarantee the timely submission of the UI wage information and payments.
  • New reporting of hours worked
    To assist the Office of Wage and Hour with their compliance role, the ESSP provides the option for employers to furnish the individual hours worked for each employee in the quarterly wage filing.


14. Can I continue to submit paper reports?

While the ESSP will be the preferred and most convenient communication method for all customers, DEW will accommodate employers who will not be able to transition to electronic filing by the implementation date by accepting paper forms for employers with less than 100 employees to ensure the timely processing of quarterly filings. All employers who employ at least 100 employees will be required to utilize the ESSP.


15. Where can I get more information about using the new system or contact someone who can help me?

To view the online SUITS tutorial, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at



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