He set his standards high, and that meant success for his future

When Travis Orange was releatravissed from prison, he had no employment history outside of the work he did while incarcerated. Knowing that he needed a skill set or job experience to find successful long-term employment, he sought out his local SC Works center.

When Mr. Orange came into the center he was ready to get to work. Travis said, “It wasn’t easy for me to get back into society, but I was determined to set my standards high. I knew that if I set my standards high enough, it would mean great success for my future.” With help from a workforce consultant, he was able to create a strong resume that detailed the experience gained through assigned positions that related to the civilian workforce and a compelling letter of explanation to utilize during his application process.

Mr. Orange was referred to several positions through SC Works and to several staffing agencies throughout the Grand Strand. IHT Staffing hired him for several days as a trial period. His dedication and enthusiasm was so contagious, he was referred for two different jobs, one as a laundry attendant at Beach Cove Resort and another as a dishwasher for Dunes Golf and Beach Club. After speaking with both employers, Orange was able to make a schedule where he could work both jobs in order to establish a solid work history with a positive reputation and references for future opportunities.

During his time at Beach Cove Resort and Dunes Golf and Beach Club he put in overtime and made himself available to help cover shifts, had perfect attendance, completed all of the job duties and more that were expected of him and was a great team player. His efforts and teamwork earned the praise and dedication of his coworkers and supervisors.

After several weeks of working through the staffing agency, Dune’s Club hired Mr. Orange as a full-time employee. This was particularly special because it was something that usually wouldn’t happen due to his background and company policy. However, the hiring manager was open to the idea because several coworkers wrote recommendation letters to speak of his character, and he proved time and time again that he was a dedicated and strong employee.

Mr. Orange said, “Even though I’m a steward, as my supervisor calls it, I do the best job at it because one day I am going to be more than that. There is opportunity that awaits me at the Dunes Club. The staff is great and there are people in the world that do believe in giving convicted felons another chance. It is up to the individual to get out and get the job done.”