SC’s November Unemployment Situation

Employment Gains Set New Record, Unemployment Rate Continues to Fall

South Carolina’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell for the sixth consecutive month, declining from 5.6 percent in October to 5.5 percent in November, a level not seen since August 2001.

The number of people working in South Carolina climbed in November, increasing by 9,147 to a record level of 2,137,493. Employment increased an estimated 71,202 people over the year, an all-time record increase for the state.

The number of unemployed individuals decreased in November by 2,743 to 123,913. Since November 2014, the level of unemployed has decreased by 22,664. The labor force increased by 6,404 to 2,261,406 people. Since November 2014, the labor force has grown substantially by nearly 48,538.

Nationally, the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5 percent over the month.

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