Ticket to Work program helped Kim get back on her feet

Kim Doctor TTW photoKim Doctor was receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, but wanted to be financially independent. She heard about the Ticket to Work program, a free and voluntary service that is available to help individuals with disabilities connect with employment services, so she went to the Conway SC Works office to learn more.

She learned that she was eligible for the Ticket to Work program and she could still receive her benefits until she was able to sustain herself. To help her re-enter the workforce, Kim and a workforce consultant created an Individualized Work Plan (IWP) that outlined and gave focus to priorities, like creating a resume in SC Works Online Services (jobs.scworks.org).

As part of her IWP she decided she start with part-time work, with the long-term goal of working full-time. She had a history of working as an office clerk and as a cashier, so she began submitting applications with several call center representative and cashier positions. In the meantime, Kim and her workforce consultant worked on her interviewing skills to help her prepare.

Kim secured an interview with Olsten Staffing as a call center representative and was later offered the position; however, because it was for temporary work, it didn’t align with her IWP so she decided to pass up that position and continue focusing on her long-term goals. She then submitted an application with Dollar General as a cashier. She was ecstatic when they called her for an interview because that position would give her the part-time work that she was seeking. Using her knowledge from the interview preparations with her workforce consultant, she aced her meeting and was offered the position.

She is now employed in a position she enjoys and continues to work with her Work Incentives Planning Assistant regional representative in order to make a smooth transition from benefit dependent to employed.

Kim said, “I think my experience with SC Works shows that the staff really cares about the people they are serving. I honestly do not think I would be employed right now without the assistance of the SC Works office.”