Was that job fair or hiring event a waste of time?


Have you ever gone to a job fair or a hiring event thinking that you were going to walk out with a job, but instead a representative told you to go home and fill out the application?

We are here to tell you that you didn’t just waste your time.

Oftentimes, HR representatives are not allowed to even touch people’s resumes or hire on the spot.

If you met with an employer at the job fair and you felt it went well and know that you were qualified for the position they were looking to fill, they probably told you to go home to fill out an application to encourage you to take the next step of the process.

If you walked away discouraged, realize there is a part of this procedure you may not have seen.

They probably wrote your name down as a qualified candidate for the position and once back in the office might look for your name in the stack of applications.

Diana Goldwire, DEW’s SC Works Area Director, says, “Do both. Apply online and come to the job fair because the job fair really gives you a foot in the door.” She continued, “At the end of each job fair we get a verbal count of people that each HR Representative saw and the number that are qualified for the position they are looking to fill.”

So the next time you are hesitant about attending the next job fair or hiring event in your area, take the plunge and go. You might just receive a call about a new job waiting for you.